We’re one LEAP away from March.

It was the last week of February, and oh what a week it was! It was action packed with Funkey Kids, Movin and Groovin, the Animals, Mother Goose, French and Kindermusik all visiting the house. We danced, we sang, we nursed some rhymes, moved and grooved, faced fears petting snakes, and we learnt different sea creatures en Francais! Yes, this was all in just five days! And I haven’t even mentioned the fun in the snow, or learning we did!

And to keep the photos going, we’ll start up the stairs in the Main House, here’s a closer look at what the two toddler classrooms got up to.

Toddler One had an interest in the classic, Cat in the Hat, when they were creating Thing 1, and Thing 2 inspired art.

Across the way in Toddler Two they focused on feelings, and their emotions. What makes you happy? Sad? What happens when you’re anrgy? Name that emotion with Ms. Reid.

With snow piling up on the roads, we have seen a lot of snowplows passing by as we are out in the yard. And so the Toddler Two’s took pretend play serious as they plowed the snow in their playground, going above and beyond to get all the snow.

As we step back inside, we’ll take a closer look into the Preschool classroom – where they worked on letter recognition, puzzling, and their math skills when filling up the buckets with marker lids. The concept of less and more, and counting come into play with such a simple activity.

With the small world play, the Preschoolers were working on their driving, and parking skills as they controlled the cars, maneuvering them on the roads and into the parking spots. Number recognition is also happening as they pick and choose the number when parking.

And to wrap up the photos, we’ll finish in Senior Preschool – where they have been working hard on their hand-eye when it comes to printing, and letter recognition.

They continued mastering their fine motor skills when getting a head start on St Paddy Day’s decorations.

That’s a wrap from what happened in the house this week! From Ms. Hillis, her Mom, and all of us we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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