Day 4&5!

We are back and it feels oh so good to complete the first week! And would you like some more good news? Tomorrow is…summer!

The Toddlers have been working hard all week preparing the garden beds out front to plant some new flowers. They bulldozed, turned the soil, dug the holes and watered. Meanwhile, at the back of the House, the Preschoolers planted tomatoes, getting their hands dirty and working on that green thumb.

Although it feels like summer, the sun is shining, and all we want to do is play, there’s still a lot of learning happening as we do. With our individual bins we are creating sensory play, that allows the children to touch, feel, and build using their own work space, and supplies. The fine motor skills are being tested when threading beads, scooping and pouring, and drawing pictures of their families. What may look like a scribble is the child’s way of expressing their creativity, and imagination. The Preschool classroom have moved on to drawing their people using shapes, adding hair, arms, and legs. Letter recognition, and the sounds of the letter continue to be practiced in both Senior and Preschool classrooms. Printing names, and working on their Jolly Phonics, our Seniors are going to be more than ready for “big school!”

And that’s a wrap on the first week back! We hope you have a wonderful weekend. And to all the Dad’s out there….

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