It’s beginning to look a lot like….too soon?

49 days until Christmas. But in Preschool…Oh, Christmas tree!

Before Santa comes to town, we had to continue the pumpkin fun by exploring the inside of our pumpkins while saving the seeds for the teachers too!

From the youngest to the oldest of the house we’ve got all areas covered!

Sensory play – check!
Water play – check!
Creative play – check!

Letter, colour and number recognition, reading and puzzling, gross motor play, fine motor skills, self help skills, mathematics, science…it all happens when you let them play!

And then during play, children will begin to express interest, they will let you know however way they can if they want more, they may repeat the same movements, go down the slide over and over, they may sign, ask questions, and or show by engaging – when this happens, this is when the teachers will start to make changes to the classroom to meet the interests, the needs, and the wants of their students. Observe, provide, engage, and document.

With Remembrance Day next week, we are exploring the Poppy and making some of our own too!

The sun is out, the temperatures are up and it’s Friday! I’m joining these two and enjoying the view!

Enjoy the weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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