Pa rum pum pum pum!

‘Tis the season of Bing, Dolly, Sinatra and of course Bieber!
The Christmas music is on high volume, the smell of Douglas Fir is in the air, and the lights are all a glow.
We are just 21 days away from the most wonderful time of the year!

Until then, we will be busy just like Santa’s elves decorating the classrooms, preparing a special Christmas surprise for each of you, and of course packing in all the learning we can while at play.

The Christmas songs that have been on repeat include:

  1. Santa Claus is coming to Town

2. Oh, Christmas Tree

3. T’was the Night Before Christmas.

4. Frosty the Snowman.

And 5. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Hit pause for a second, because you’ll have to hear this, actually better yet, you get to see it! When a toddler is building a tower, stacking blocks one on top of another, it’s not as simple as it may look – they have to create a hand-eye connection, while using their fine-motor skills to grasp the blocks, control the speed in which they stack, and then carefully snap the block into place all while solving any problem that may interrupt the construction. Building a block tower, takes the whole body and mind of a toddler!

The focused continued in the Preschool classroom where they Bill Nye’d this science experiment, creating a rain cloud in a jar!

Science rules!

So do Fridays!

Enjoy the weekend.

The Chartwell House.

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