2021. Let’s do this.

“Another year over, and new one just begun” well said Mr. Lennon.
2020 is in the rear view, and there is no looking back! 2021, here we come!

There was no slowing down after the holidays, we got right back into things here at the house, and it all started with a roar up in the toddler district!

You might have thought dinosaurs were extinct, but if you were to venture through the toddler classroom you’d hear otherwise! With a roar roar there and a roar roar here, there is definitely roaring everywhere! Dinosaurs are back baby! Let’s let our little paleontologists show you what they have been digging up…

This is just the beginning of their journey through the great valley. The toddlers cannot get enough of all things dinosaurs, and so the environment, planning, and learning will turn into Jurassic Park until the interest fades just like the dinosaurs themselves.

Let’s continue this journey through the first week of 2021….next up, the Preschool scholars take on the four components of letter recognition.
1. Letter Recognition: the ability to recognize the shape and size of the letter.
2. Letter Name: recognizing that the shape of the letter is associated with a letter name.
3. Letter Sound Knowledge: determining what sound corresponds to the shape or name of the letter.
4. Letter writing: the ability to trace or write the letter with a pen in accordance with its shape and direction.

Along with their letter recognition, they named their favourite animal, found their favourite animal and kept the letter recognition going, as they guessed the first letter of their favourite animal too!

What a zoo! Let’s head to the Coach House to check in on what these scholars got up to!

A whole lot of fine motors skills were to put to work this week – from painting, to puzzling to practicing with a pair of scissors.

The first week back in 2021 is a wrap! Here’s to a new year, where there has got to be way more cheer!

The Chartwell House.

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