Before I dive into the happenings at the house this week, I want to take a quick minute to give a shout out to the Chartwell educators. The “stay at home” order was issued, but we have proven to be essential, and so we continue to open our doors and provide a home away from home for each of our families. We are following the appropriate measures, we continue to adapt to each new restriction and rule, and we continue to do so because we are here to provide care for your little scholars. Educators – You are doing great! And we thank you for providing a space where a mix of learning and fun happens Monday to Friday. Here’s to being essential, and here’s to each one of Chartwell’s educators! THANK YOU.

One more thing – to all the parents who are juggling their own work schedule, zoom meets, lunches, online learning, pick up and drop off times, and even sleep – you are doing great! It may not seem like it, but you’ve got this! We have all got this.

That’s it, promise. Now, on to the good stuff…here’s a closer look at that learning and fun combo in action.

We’ve got the basics covered! Colours, letters, numbers, name recognition and shapes are being worked on and recognized in all classrooms. The end goal may be the same, but the journey to get there is determined by the child’s development, age, and over all goals.

During free play, children have a choice when it comes to their creative expression. They have an opportunity to paint, glue, construct, build and use different materials to create a masterpiece that is designed just how they want it to be. Creative expression helps children articulate their feelings, emotions and thoughts. They think critically about their world and practice visual communication. Children will learn and use their colours, shapes and sounds during creative play. And so with the learning that was happening in the photos above, they will use and express during free play.

Creative expression can also be found when children role play. They become a character, pretend play happens, and when the teachers provide the opportunity by bringing real materials in to enhance the role playing, their imaginations take off!

The photos above are taken of the Kinder Ice Rink, where you can skate and order from the snack bar. It’s an essential business, as it serves exercise and coffee! Order your coffee, or hot chocolate, and grab your skates, the ice has been zamboni’d and is ready to use!

We got our Bill Nye on when using different ways to melt ice to save our arctic friends from being trapped in ice. Warm water, salt and patience did the trick!

The Arctic has been a hot topic in the house…

After the work is done, we PLAY! And the best place to play is OUTDOORS! Bring on the fresh air!

That’s a wrap on this week’s happenings. Enjoy the weekend, we will be back at it next week!

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