Don’t worry – Be Happy

Was it just me or did this week just fly by?! We are already heading into the last week of January, but before we do, here is a closer look inside the house this week.

We are continuing to cover all the basic bases – colours, numbers, letters and shapes! Oh my! And a little science on the side with a house Skittle experiment, and Preschool volcano eruption!

The Preschool volcano that was once dormant has finally erupted, and they were lucky enough to see it happen live.

The obsession with the volcano eruption continued into the art of the Preschoolers.

This week we introduced Skittle Day, where we wore the colours of the rainbow and saw the colours of a rainbow come alive in front of our eyes!

The Skittle experiment was brought to each classroom for each child to see what would happen if you added warm water, cold water, an ice cube or even vinegar to a plate full of Skittles. Any ideas? Let’s look at what the oldest of the house thought would happen, and what actually happened…

Here’s the Skittle Experiment taking place in each classroom…

It may not always be rainbows and butterflies, sometimes you just have to make your own 🙂

At the end of this rainbow….is the weekend! And that’s golden!

The Chartwell House.

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