Snow eh?

It may have been short, but the week was sweet! After Family Day and a Snow Day extending the weekend we were happy to be back and geared up for an action packed three-day week at the house.

With the grounds covered in snow, we couldn’t help ourselves. After the long haul of bundling up, we eventually got to the outdoors and dove right into the fresh powder.

With the temperatures well below zero, and travel out of the question the Seniors of the House decided to bring the beach to Chartwell! While the snow was falling outside, the Seniors had their hands in the sand, swim suits on, and the Beach Boys blaring in the speakers. It was HOT HOT HOT in the Coach House, and the only way to cool down was to purchase a fresh glass of lemonade at the local stand, or dive into the water play.

There must have been heavy traffic at the beach, because the youngest of the house worked on patrolling the roads by producing traffic lights. They worked all morning constructing the lights by using their fine motor skills to glue, pat and place the red, yellow and green lights.

Before I go, let me stop and slow down for a second…(see what I did there?)

Let’s talk about how we got a whole extra day to spend with Family this past weekend. Now, more than ever we have realized just how important it is to spend time with loved ones, whether it is virtual, over the phone, or distanced spending quality time with those you call family is the best feeling, and medicine going! The Toddler Two classroom kept Family Day going for the week as their main focus was all things Family.

The Preschool classroom had their creative juices flowing all week, as they used eye drops, salt and paint to create neon-coloured paintings, and crafted designs with chalk.

A lot of letter recognition has been seen in both Preschool classrooms – all different activities but all the same objective – to learn and conquer those 26 letters. Tracing the letters, choosing the letters, matching the sound of the letters and tracing over names or words all to work on letter recognition. But make it fun!

And that’s a wrap on the action packed short week!

See you back at the House next week – enjoy your weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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