Spring forward this weekend!

When the weather allows, we take to the outdoors. And we play!

Outdoor play is a very important part of childhood. When children play in the natural environment they are able to explore their surroundings and follow their curiosity and find excitement in seeing and doing new things. They will see the leaves change colour, jump in the puddles, and watch flowers sprout during the spring all of these things will have a great impact on a child’s development.

Studies have shown that more and more children are spending less time outside, and we won’t have it! Outdoor play is vital to a child’s overall development and learning – it can increase spatial recognition, improve physical development, help make friends and gain social skills. Outdoor play will increase and motivate a child’s imagination, and will teach children about the natural elements and about their surroundings they will learn about the weather, change in seasons and all about the animals they see outside, and some times the animals they smell too!

It’s simple – get outside and play!

Indoor learning of course is important too….

Number and letter recognition, fine and gross motor skills, self-help skills, counting, spelling, problem solving…it’s a busy day in the classroom for the little ones.

So sometimes it’s nice to just let their imaginations soar. By providing different materials, and giving the children a choice and chance to express their emotions and creativity helps build confidence in themselves, and the work they do! Let them create!

Whether indoor or outdoor, we are learning through play and loving it day to day!

The Chartwell House.

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