Rain Rain Go Away!

Welcome back to the Chartwell House happenings! Where you get a closer look inside the classrooms, and at what your child is working on, learning, exploring, creating and building.

Here’s that closer look…

The toddler classrooms have been covering the basics – A, B, C easy as 1, 2, 3. Working on their number and letter recognition.

The Toddler Two classroom has been all about the wildlife and used the children’s interest to work on the numbers 1 to 10. Children are using early math skills throughout their daily routines and activities, this doesn’t mean they are bringing out the calculator during free play, but most children will start to develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through their daily interactions. For example, if a child has two cars, and another child takes one car, the child realizes very fast they are only left with one car. Other math skills may be introduced when walking up steps, counting each step as they go up or down. The activity below with the hedgehog allows the child to see the connection between the number, language and quantity of the number visible – this is 1:1 correspondence – the ability to match an object to the corresponding number and recognize that numbers are symbols to represent quantity.

The Toddler One Classroom have been working on their letters, this week they focused on the letters – S, T, U, V. Stomp. Teeth. Umbrella. Volcano.

Toddlers can start recognizing sounds and letters by introducing educational music – our go to is, Jolly Phonics. This is a fun approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. Each day our four classrooms will listen to, follow along with, or sing-along to jollies that help them learn the sound of each letter. The Toddler One classroom along with the sound of the letter, worked with items that started with the letters of the week.

As the children move into Preschool, they continue to learn both number and letter recognition and skills, but the activities and learning process changes according to each child’s development. New math skills will be introduced, writing and tracing numbers and letters will become of interest, and some will even work towards writing their name before heading off to JK.

Along with literacy and numeracy skills, comes creativity. Allowing children to express themselves through art allows them to develop motor skills, builds confidence and self-esteem, accelerates brain development, reduces stress, and supports language development. Arts and crafts can encourage self-expression and decision making and will help develop a child’s imagination and emotional understanding.

And when you work this hard – You play harder.

That’s a wrap on the happenings.

And incase you missed it – we had a special visitor this week at the house – a wandering lonesome Turkey.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Chartwell House.

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